The peppermint added to our bee propolis not only boost immune system but also freshens the breath. With the addition of peppermint, it aids respirtory system and helps relief coughs and colds. With the addition of peppermint's minty aftertaste it makes you feel refreshed and awake any time of the day. 

Bee Propolis  + PepperMint

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The Reishi Mushroom is known as the "supernatural mushroom" it has been used since ancient time and is still now being used in medicine. It is known to help with anti-flammatory activites, it also shows postive results for patients undergoing chemotherapy. It also shows beneficial results in regulating isulen levels. 

Bee Propolis +Reishi Mushroom 

Bee Propolis 

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Bee Propolis originated from bees and is put in the front of their hives to fend off virus and intruders.  It is used as an dietary supplement to aid with fighting bacterial matter, increase immune system, and help wounds heal. VSC has been specialised in Bee Propolis and is well known. We make sure our Bee Propolis is always in high quality for our customers. 

Canada is known for its clean and unpolluted environment. Filled with beautiful scenry of multiple iconic mountains and rivers. With such good environment, Canadian nature product is top notch quality and known throughout the world.  

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